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The Hillcole Group is founded at the Institute for Education Policy Studies (UK)

The Hillcole Group of Radical Left Educators was founded in 1989 by Dave Hill and Mike Cole at the Institute for Education Policy Studies. It is a group of socialist practitioners and academics in education in Britain. Their aim is to improve the quality of schooling and teacher education, to confront the assaults by the radical right on the quality of education, and to influence policy and decision making on educational matters.

The first publication of the Hillcole group was Changing the Future: Redprint for Education (1991). Among other recent publications of the Hillcole Group are: 

The Hillcole Group was hosted by the Institute for Education Policy Studies (IEPS), an independent socialist-oriented institute for developing analysis of education policy which was also created in 1989. The IEPS organises and publicises national conferences and also publishes on-line papers by Radical Left/ Socialist/ Marxist writers. It publishes an online journal, the Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies ( twice a year.


Website of the Hillcole Group: 

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