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Project Follow Through, one of the largest educational experiments to enhance the achievement of poor students, is launched

This year, as part of President Johnson's War on Poverty, Project Follow Through was launched in the United States of America. This project was probably the largest and most expensive educational experiment of the 20th century. It lasted almost thirty years (from 1967 to 1995), costing about a billion dollars and included over 180 sites.

The main purpose of Project Follow Through was to find ways to break the cycle of poverty through better education. For almost the last third of the 20th century, Project Follow Through sought for the best pedagogical strategy to improve the academic performance of children attending the poorest schools in the USA.

For several detailed analyses of Project Follow Through and its outcomes, see the journal 'Effective School Practices', Volume 15 Number 1, Winter 1995-6. This volume, edited by Bonnie Grossen, was a special issue dedicated To Project Follow Through. In that issue, particularly insightful is the introduction to the topic, the article entitled Overview: The Story Behind Project Follow Through, written by Grossen.


Grossen, Bonnie (1996). Overview: The Story Behind Project Follow Through. Effective School Practices 15 (1). 

For the complete volume of the journal on Project Follow Through, see



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