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Seymour Martin Lipset begins his contribution to the study of student movements 

This year, in the Autumn issue of Minerva (pp. 15-56), Seymour Martin Lipset publishes an article entitled "University Students and Politics in Underdeveloped Countries," beginning a substantial series of contributions to the research about student movements worldwide. Indeed, Lipset was one of the few sociologists of the twentieth century who consistently examined the social dynamics of student activism. This seminal article was followed by other publications Student Politics (1967), "The Possible Effects of Student Activism on International Politics" (1970), and Rebellion in the University (1972, and expanded in 1976). Lipset also collaborated with other scholars conducting research on university student activism. As a result of this collaboration, several books emerged such as The Berkeley Student Revolt in 1965 (with Sheldon Wolin), and Students in Revolt in 1969 (with Philip Altbach).

Selected bibliography by Seymour Martin Lipset on student movements (for a complete list of his publications click here:

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For more on Seymour Martin Lipset see:

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