Selected Moments of the 20th Century

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Rudolph Steiner talks to prospective parents of the first Waldorf School

This year, in the context of a growing Progressive Education movement, Austrian philosopher Rudolph Steiner worked hard on developing an experimental educational model for children at the request of Emil Molt, owner of the Waldorf-Astoria Tobacco factory in Stuttgart. Rudolf Steiner organized the curriculum of the Waldorf School around the concept that learning is most effective when the educational process addresses the whole child (head, heart and hands) in each lesson.

Before opening the doors of the institution, Steiner gave a lecture to prospective parents about the philosophy of the Waldorf School. For the complete lecture by Rudolph Steiner and the questions and answers that followed, please click here (Source:

For an article on Waldorf Schools published by Teacher Magazine in October 1995, please click here:

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March 2001

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