Reviews of Paulo Freire's Books

This website, dedicated to Brazilian educator Paulo Freire (1921-1997), consists of a collection of reviews of his books and links to other pages on Freire. The books are listed in chronological order. When the book has been translated into English, the first date refers to the original publication. 

The website was created by Daniel Schugurensky, Department of Adult Education and Counselling Psychology, The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (OISE/UT).

We Make the Road by Walking: Conversations on Education and Social Change (1990)

By Myles Horton and Paulo Freire

Edited by Brenda Bell, John Gaventa, and John Peters

Review by Megan Haggerty (OISE/University of Toronto)

Review by Peter Mayo (University of Malta)

Review by Kathleen Rogers (OISE/University of Toronto)


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